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Multilingual Moderation

We are able to support English, Korean, Japanese, Chinese and Vietnamese.

Tracking & progress

By continuously monitoring progress, we identify areas for improvement, address any issues or bottlenecks in real-time.


We openly sharing information, processes, and decisions with clients.

People Focused

We focus on bringing the best out of people, so they can bring the best for others.

Flexibility 24/7/365

We maximum our flexibility to support clients to focus on our clients' success.

Text Moderation Services Leap Steam

Text Moderation

We proactively flag and remove harmful content such as violence, hate speech, spam, and adult material, fostering a safe and positive online environment for your online users. The goal of Leap Steam is to create a safe and positive online environment for users by maintaining high-quality content and fostering respectful interactions.

Image Moderation

Every image scanned, countless threats neutralized – ensuring a secure and enjoyable online community for your users. In response to the diverse methods employed by users and scammers to breach the policies and security of forums, dating sites, online chat rooms, streaming platforms, and social media pages, image moderation has emerged as a widely sought-after and adaptable solution.

Image Moderation Company Leap Steam
video and live stream moderation company Leap Steam

Video and Live Stream Moderation

Our highly trained human moderators meticulously analyze videos, ensuring user-generated content adheres to your desired standards and aligns with your brand values and guidelines. Leap Steam offers customizable solutions for comprehensive reviews and efficient image and live stream monitoring.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Content Moderation Services.

A content moderation company is an organization that provides services to monitor, review, and manage user-generated content on digital platforms such as social media, websites, forums, and apps. Their primary goal is to ensure that the content posted by users complies with community guidelines, terms of service, and legal regulations. Content moderation companies use a combination of technology and human moderators to identify and remove inappropriate, harmful, or offensive content, including spam, hate speech, explicit material, and misinformation. These companies play a crucial role in maintaining the safety, integrity, and reputation of online communities and platforms.

There are 3 main types of content moderation:

Pre-moderation: In this approach, content is reviewed and approved by moderators before it is published or made visible to other users. It ensures that inappropriate or harmful content is not displayed on the platform.
Post-moderation: Content is published immediately and then reviewed by moderators afterward. If any content violates community guidelines or policies, it is removed retroactively.
Reactive moderation: This type of moderation relies on users to report content that they find inappropriate or offensive. Moderators then review reported content and take action accordingly, such as removing or hiding it from the platform.

The cost of human content moderation can vary depending on several factors, including the volume of content to be moderated, the complexity of the moderation task, the level of expertise required from moderators, and the geographic location of the moderation team. Typically, human content moderation services are priced based on factors such as the number of hours worked, the number of items moderated, or the size of the moderation team required.

Hourly rates for human content moderation can range from $6 to $20 or more per hour, depending on factors such as the location of the offshore moderation team, the experience and qualifications of the moderators, and the specific requirements of the moderation task.

For more accurate pricing information, it’s best to contact LEAP STEAM – a content moderation service provider directly and discuss your specific needs and requirements with us. We can provide customized pricing based on the scope of your project and the level of moderation support you require.

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