Customer Support Outsourcing reduces your overhead and operation cost

Essentials of Customer Support and Customer Support Outsourcing

Customers are now becoming more active. Thanks to technological advances, there are more digital channels available to reach brands whenever they seek help. Customers are not pleased if they have to be in a long queue for just a simple concern, and with social media, they will not hesitate to raise their voice about their experience. We all know what sort of impact an upset client can do to damage a brand. Therefore, it is necessary to manage a dynamic relationship with your customers.

Besides offering high-quality and beneficial products/services, a business can enhance the level of satisfaction from its customers by providing excellent customer support. Because customer support is used to directly communicate with customers on many different levels, it can affect consumers’ first impressions of a brand. Thus, effective customer support operation can close the gap between them and their customers, along with showing the brand’s values and characteristics. Understanding the basic aspects such as; what is customer support? helps you to deliver finely-tuned service to your customers.

1. What is Customer Support?

Customer support is a set of services that a business offers to help its customers have a better experience and understanding of a product/service or to assist in addressing their issues. Customer Support provides solutions to any customer struggle or concern at any time, as well as update them with new products/services. It helps customers get the most out of the product you are offering.

Brands are now spending more time and effort to improve their customer care procedures to enhance the relationship between the brand and their clients, based on the belief that every customer deserves one-on-one assistance. In response, when in need, brands should approach consumers personally within a comfortable timeframe, which shows etiquette in persistence. Depending on the types of products offered, your customers should be assisted with corresponsive help to get the result they expected.

In addition, based on the nature of the product/service, Customer Support contains several sub-services to suit customers’ needs, from Live Interaction, Call Center to In-app and Email Support. Whatever types of services there are, the aim is to provide your customers with the right service/s for their specific needs.

Customer Support bridges the gap between a  brand and it’s consumers. Therefore, Customer Support acts as the face of a company, by modeling its core values and showing professionalism. Through communicating with customers via multiple channels, not only is it more convenient to different types of customers,  it assists in solving any issues and assists in the decision-making process. Customer Support also functions as part of the sales process, technical support, and customer success department side of things

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Customer Support Outsourcing reduces your overhead and operation cost

2. Why are customer support and customer support outsourcing important?

Customer support is a crucial element to make or break a business. An effective Customer Support Outsourcing strategy helps retain customers and continuously gain valuable insight from them. Since customers are key stakeholders of any business, maintaining a good relationship with them is key to the growth of the company.

2.1. Customer Retention

With an increase of only 5% in customer retention, you can increase 25% of the profit. As a matter of fact, customers are more likely to purchase more if their experience with a brand is positive. Therefore, customer support is more cost-effective since its main task is to not only onboard new business but to nurture your existing customer base in order to keep them satisfied and win more business from them.

2.2 Brand Image & Value Representation

Customers make direct connections to brands mainly through customer support services. Therefore, their first impression is influenced by how your brand is communicated to them via what specific channel and how they are assisted in resolving their concerns. With that in mind, the Customer Support team is responsible for the ambassador role of the brand, who represents the company’s values, it’s professionalism, and characteristics. Well-managed Customer Support will reinforce your brand image and help your name stand out amongst the competitors.

2.3 Customer Reference

Compared to other marketing tools, word-of-mouth is both powerful and inexpensive. Besides having a good experience of a product/service, word-of-mouth is derived from a happy relationship between customers and the brand. When a customer is satisfied with the service you offer, there is a high chance that he will proceed to recommend that service to his acquaintances, thus spreading your name through real experience and trust. This is the result of having an effective Customer Support operation.

2.4 Loyalty Development

Every brand wants its customers to keep coming back for more transactions. Indeed, brands put a lot of effort in developing customer loyalty, to manage a sustainable customer base. Commitment can only be derived from a relationship built on trust, and trust can only be generated from positive human interactions. This is why the customer support team is the most crucial factor in creating a bond between your business and customers.

2.5. Consumer Insight Generation

Rather than carrying out surveys regularly, while consulting with customers, frequent concern and problems can be identified by the customer support team. Not only do these conversations help improve the product/service, but talking directly with customers can also generate consumer insights. They may become very valuable for future product development or marketing strategy.

Customer Support Outsourcing reduces your overhead and operation cost
Customer Support Outsourcing reduces your overhead and operation cost

3. What is Customer Support Outsourcing (BPOs)?

Customer support Outsourcing (BPO-Business Process Outsourcers) are outsourcing specialists that provide customer care services, including Live Chat, Call Center, Email, and Social Media.

Studies suggest that customers will tend to have faith in the brand if their problems are resolved quickly and easily. Compared to in-house teams, outsourcing customer support will help your business deal with customer inquiries 24/7 in reasonable response time with 33 languages. It can also reduce costs and provide a diverse range of languages by hiring international agents from different bases. Customer support agents from outsourcing vendors offer various specialized skills to ensure they can fit into any industry. This enables your business to easily find people with suitable skills to fulfill your requirements in carrying out the appropriate customer care procedure.

Leap Steam gets a high rating of Customer support outsourcing from the clients
Leap Steam gets a high rating of Customer support outsourcing from the clients

With cutting-edge technology and professional training resources, Leap Steam provides you with high-quality Customer Support that is suitable for every business scale. Our teams of skillful individuals offer a diverse range of languages, making them capable of dealing with an international user base. Our service has the ability to integrate into an existing team if need be or work independently, only to ensure that your customers’ needs are satisfied. In addition, our expertise and experience with different clients allow us to communicate more effectively and give them constructive feedback in order to improve their system.

Leap offers several Customer Support Outsourcing services, including Live Interaction Support, In-app & Ticket Support, Email Support, and Live Phone Support (Call Center). Curious about our services?

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